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A solar energy system, solar panels or solar photovoltaic modules are collections of solar cells mounted on a frame for convenient installation. Solar panels make use of the sun’s rays as a free source of energy, converting it into direct current electricity, which can be used at home or office. A series of solar PV modules is known as a PV Panel, a set of solar panels is known as a PV Pool and an interconnected system of solar panels is known as a Solar Power Station.Kindly visit West Dundee solar panel to find more information.

By making use of DC batteries to store the captured energy, the solar panels indirectly creates and releases DC electricity, which is then routed to the electrical panel of the house or business. The stored DC electricity is available to run all the appliances in the house or office during periods when there is no sun. However, when the sun shines, it causes the stored DC electricity produced by the solar panels to be released into the electric grid, to be converted into AC direct current (DC) electricity for running power tools, fridges and air conditioning systems, among other things.

To ensure the greatest efficiency and reliability of your electricity system, it is important that you install solar panels with synchronized PV array modules. Synchronized means that the PV cells are all set up in precisely the same configurations and orientation so that the maximum amount of solar energy collected and used is achieved during the time the sun shines, maximising energy production and saving you money by reducing your electricity bill. An excellent energy management system should also incorporate battery back up power, this way you can store excess electricity produced for days or weeks when there is not enough sun. And last but not least, a high quality solar panel will always outperform an equivalent conventional system, even when there is no sun.

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