Walk-in Tub Installation – Guidelines

Installing a walk-in tub may be a tough undertaking at times. Installers and contractors are most concerned about whether the walk-in tub will fit into a normal US 60-inch bathtub opening, and if it will, how difficult will it be to put and connect all of the wiring and plumbing? Many modern walk-in tub suppliers provide goods that were produced abroad and do not comply to US plumbing and safety regulations, as we highlighted in earlier postings on the Access Tubs walk-in bathtubs blog. Both the installer and the homeowner may find it difficult to instal such walk-in baths. That is why, before buying a walk-in tub, clients should call the facility to ensure that the tub will be sent with all essential papers, such as an instruction manual, warranty card, and plumbing certifications.Visit Walk-in Tub Installation for more details.

First, go over the box for any signs of damage that may have happened during transportation. Freight firms often fail to handle their shipments with the proper care. Vendors of walk-in bathtubs are familiar with cases of product that was damaged during shipment. As a result, before making a purchase, double-check that your walk-in tub box will be insured by a shipping firm. Before unpacking the walk-in tub, make sure the packaging is free of visible damage. The installer must inspect the package for any dents or blemishes.

Despite the fact that walk-in bathtubs are often built of heavy-duty acrylic and/or fibreglass, the plumbing connections are often delicate and must be handled with care and carefully. Plumbing connections should never be used to elevate walk-in tubs; doing so might result in future leaks. Before beginning the installation, please read the warranty explanation. Some businesses may refuse to accept the refund. Once you’ve verified that your walk-in bathtub arrived safely and without visible damage, you can go on to the testing process, which consists of just a few simple procedures. Even though walk-in tubs are often checked at the manufacture, damage to the plumbing connections might occur during shipment or packaging. A level platform and an area wide enough to enable access to the walk-in tub from all sides in case of a leak and empty the tub after the testing procedure are required for a comprehensive test of the walk-in bathtub.

The walk-in tub should be placed on a flat, levelled surface.

Fill the walk-in tub with water after closing the drain.

After filling the walk-in tub with water for 25-30 minutes, inspect the walk-in tub and drain for any leaks or damage.

If the tub is jetted, turn on the power to the walk-in unit and let it run for 10 minutes before checking for leaks. Inspect the unions surrounding the pump; if leaks remain after tightening, loosen the unions and double-check that the O-ring is correctly installed.

Last but not least, make sure that all of the jets are in good working order.

*-If the pumps aren’t working, make sure the cable is connected and the circuit breaker is turned on.