The Most Overlooked Fact About West Dermatology Palm Springs

Dermatologists are doctors specialized in the field of dermatology. Dermatology is basically the field of medicine concerned with the epidermis. It’s a very special specialization with both clinical and medical aspects involved. A dermatologist is usually a professional medical doctor who deals with diseases connected with epidermis, hair, skin, nails, and any other cosmetic issues. Check West Dermatology Palm Springs.

Like all health professions, dermatology has its own educational requirements and certifications that one needs to have in order to practice medicine. In United States, the American Academy of Dermatology offers a nationally recognized certification known as the AAD’s. This certifications requires candidates to have completed an entire degree program consisting of both study in diagnosis, management and treatment of various skin disorders and their medical conditions, and pathology. The dermatology major is one of the most popular majors among allopathic medical schools, as it deals primarily with the skin.

In dermatology, you will find that the dermatologists perform different types of treatments depending on what kind of disease they are treating. A good dermatologist may also prescribe a combination of prescription medications and non-prescription medications for the patients. These are commonly used to treat diseases and skin disorders like psoriasis and acne, or for cosmetic reasons. A certified dermatologist may also use surgical techniques and lasers for aesthetic enhancement or correction.