Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a highly useful skill.

In a time of rising unemployment, work portals seem to be flooded with high-paying SEO executive jobs. The explanation for this is that there are very few people in the UK who are genuinely skilled in SEO, and those who are tend to prefer to work for themselves rather than for an SEO company, despite the large sums of money they might receive working for one. Checkout The Mistake Of Using 3rd Party Site Metrics For Backlink Qualification for more info.

The fact that there are few UK SEO training courses available is one of the key reasons why so few people in the UK have real SEO skills. You can’t just go to your nearest night school and participate in an SEO course; it’s not taught in classrooms, there are no college courses in SEO that I’m aware of in the UK, and there are very few actual opportunities to learn real SEO from someone who knows how it’s done.

Most SEO consultants don’t offer to train because training is much harder work than just doing SEO – and at the same time, when we train new SEO consultants, we’re creating real competition for ourselves – and right now in the UK, there isn’t much competition from REAL SEO consultants who actually do the work, so I think most consultants would agree that they’d prefer to do it themselves.

As a result, the majority of SEO consultants are self-taught. I’ve been teaching myself SEO for about ten years, and I dread to think how much money I’ve spent on ebooks, courses, and programmes over that time, but whatever the number, I’m sure I could have saved money by taking an intensive SEO training course when I first started!
In order to assist people who are serious about being certified SEO consultants, I have now begun to deliver SEO training courses in the United Kingdom. My training courses are one-on-one, comprehensive training sessions with a year of follow-up assistance.

Is it completely necessary to take SEO training courses?
No, they aren’t, but having a competent SEO consultant to train you would help you take a giant step toward becoming an SEO consultant, reducing the learning curve that most SEO professionals face.

What do I look for in an SEO training course?
Look for a training course that is led by current SEO practitioners who work in the field full-time. Since the world of SEO is constantly changing, anyone who used to be a great SEO expert but now only teaches you is unlikely to be teaching you with up-to-date information and experience.

How much should I budget for?
Since SEO is a highly valuable skill and a successful SEO consultant will earn a lot of money, logic dictates that no SEO consultant would agree to teach you for a low fee; they are basically teaching a potential rival, so they must earn more money than they will working for a client in the same period of time; otherwise, what would be the reason to offload? So, if you come across a course that appears to be very cheap, consider the merit of the course and why such useful training is being offered at such low prices.
There are some legitimate reasons why a course could be offered for a cheaper price, such as if it was teaching a large group of people at once – but in my view, SEO taught in a class would never be as good as one-on-one SEO training with a trained SEO.