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Cupping is the art of pressing different types of material, mainly aromatic herbs, into the skin for cleansing purposes. The first cupping record was in the year twelve fifty-nine by the Indian surgeon Ashoka who used heated stones and human hair to perform this task. Cupping is the procedure used to cleanse the skin of various moles and warts. The term has its origin in China. It was considered a very mysterious and magical cure at that time. The process involved is similar to acupuncture, however, it uses a different kind of approach. Check Naturheilkunde Zürich.

Cupping treatment is a type of alternative medicine where a light syringe-like instrument is used to press different kinds of material into the skin. Its process mostly takes place in Asia but also in Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Africa. Cupping is characterized as an esoteric quackery and as such, its practice has long been dismissed as a hoax. However, there are those who accept that certain types of cupping may stimulate blood flow in the skin which in turn may be useful in case of certain skin diseases such as eczema. In addition, it may also help stimulate blood flow in case of wounds, tumors, or some other body parts.

Some types of cupping techniques include dry cupping, wet cupping, fume cupping, and hot cupping. Dry cupping involves the use of hot or very hot air dry cupping cups, while the use of cold cups eases congestion. On the other hand, hot cupping uses steam, rather than heat, to loosen and remove moles and warts. In addition, fume cupping involves the use of an extremely hot (usually boiling) air jet and it is believed to be very effective against cold sores. Finally, wet cupping involves cups dipped into water or a milky-way solution that allows perspiration to evaporate from the skin surface and thus allowing the area being cupped to absorb more blood.