Information About El Paso Roofing

Roofing refers to the covering of buildings with tiles or other materials that are put on top of the existing structure to provide protection from weather. A roof protects the structure from external elements that may cause damage, such as rain or sun. A roof also covers up spaces so that space heat and cooling can be effectively utilized by the structure. It is often seen in urban or sub-urban settings. However, a commercial building may have a single roof, or a series of roofs. Our website provides info about El Paso Roofing.
A flat roof, which may be a composite roof or perhaps a simple one consisting of tile or slate, is the lowest covering of a structure, providing protection from the elements as well as all other materials needed to support it on top of the existing structure. A flat roof has a single ridge and straight span. Usually a row of ladders or steps are used for the transportation of materials on the flat roofs. A flat roof system is very practical as it does not need to support any form of weight, such as wind or rain. However, a flat roof system is most often seen in the northern regions of the United States, in places where temperatures are cold and the snow is usually frozen.
The next type of roofing is what is commonly referred to as shingles. Shingles are generally made from asphalt shingles, which are rolled together to form a smooth, continuous layer. This roofing layer is often coated with a fire retardant, such as aluminum oxide, so that the roof will be more resistant to fire damage.