How to Install Replacement Windows

When deciding whether to repair windows yourself or hire a professional replacement window installation business, hiring a professional is usually a good idea. Have a look at this link for more info on this. It is possible to do a DIY job if you are handy, but there are many measures to ensure that the new window is mounted properly, including:

1. Take the replacement window out of the frame.
2. Installing the new window’s frame in the space previously occupied by the window you’re replacing.
3. To keep the frame in place, toe-nail it or gently hammer a 10-penny nail on both sides.
4. Using the level, level the frame for the replacement window so that it is level both vertically and horizontally.
5. Remove the toenailing and instal shims in at least two spots when laying the level on the centre of the frame until the frame is in place. Then, on either side of the level, insert or add shims (thin pieces of angled wood) until the base is level.
6. Make sure the frame for your new window is even all the way around. If you have a two-inch air space under the window, for example, you must keep the same spacing all the way around. This is after you’ve mounted the shims at the window frame’s foundation.
7. Next, using your nailgun or driver, push a nail straight through the shims and frame, into the window support itself.
8. Repeat on the sides, making sure the sides are vertical at all times. Nail the shims into the window support frame once they’ve reached the desired height.
9. Since your new window installation will be even with the bottom and sides shimmed, you’ll need to toe-nail the top corners (drive the nails in at an angle) for maximum pressure.
10. Install any replacement window hardware that is needed.
11. Now, raise the new window into position with the help of at least two others, and mark the locations where any hardware that must be mounted on the window itself must be installed.
12. Use your driver to tighten down any screws in your replacement window’s hardware.
13. Now you must double-check that the replacement window has all of the required accessories. Window locks, window cranks, and their linkages are among the hardware, and you must ensure that the window opens and closes smoothly.
14. Caulk the replacement window’s surface to make it fully weatherproof. You’ll also need to put up any trim pieces that are needed once the caulking is installed.
15. On the inside, replace the fibreglass insulation around the window with one that suits the rest of the wall. You can need to add more insulation to the window to make it snug and prevent draughts from entering.
16. Once that’s finished, it’ll just take a few minutes to fix the trim parts you removed so that your new vinyl replacement window is complete — don’t forget to use the caulking gun to cover the trim you removed and eliminate any draughts.