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She’d had enough of these costly treatments that didn’t seem to be permanently solving the problem. She started her quest for answers. This kind of experience inspired me to write a book about gum disease from a layperson’s viewpoint.For better tips visit My Dental Home, Dr. Kevin Brown & Associates

Dental disease is a major concern in today’s world, and in yesterday’s world as well. Many people believe they are safe and sound, but they are completely unaware of the silent minor catastrophe that is developing in their mouth. Many of them would hear the word “deep cleaning” or SRP from their dentist or hygienist at some stage. Patients may also be advised that they need their teeth removed and implants or dentures added. In my situation, I was advised that this type of ‘deep cleaning’ was the only thing that could support me.

I didn’t think a “deep cleaning” was the right solution for me, so I started looking for alternatives. I went back to the dentist after several months of using the same device as before. She and the hygienist both assured me that things were looking much better and that I could keep doing everything I was doing, and the dentist said that I didn’t need the ‘deep cleaning’ care after all!

To say the least, I was overjoyed. Now, I’m discovering that many of my clients have similar stories to share as a result of my interactions with them. I’d like others to be aware of our interactions. It was worthwhile to write this article so more people would save their teeth and avoid costly dental procedures.

Diabetics have a reduced ability to combat foreign organisms (bacteria or viruses) that enter the gums and dental bone because diabetes makes the human body more susceptible to bacterial infections. Unfortunately, until now, the average diabetic was unaware of this link.