Drunk Driving Accidents Happen Every Day: Take Care of Yourself

You do not realise how common drunk-driving collisions are or who is at risk. Adults are not the only ones that have been involved in drunk driving incidents. One in every seven drivers killed in drunk driving accidents in 2008 was under the age of 21. This is under the minimum drinking age in the United States, What to do Before your Hearing for a Chicago DUI Charge.

Car accidents can occur for a variety of causes, but when items like alcohol and texting are involved, these are accidents that can be easily avoided by simply refraining from the risky activity. Even if you are aware that you can not drink and drive, you can do something surprising after a few drinks.

Driving while inebriated is illegal and is determined by the driver’s blood alcohol level. Unfortunately, some drivers get behind the wheel and break the law.

The first rule is to never drink if you know you’ll be driving later. These pointers can assist you in maintaining control of the situation and avoiding making a poor decision:

• Limit yourself to one alcoholic drink per hour. This allows the body to properly process the alcohol.
• Don’t think that only because you’ve had a beer that you’re safe to drive; a drink is a drink, and you shouldn’t drive after drinking.
• For the evening, take turns being the designated driver. Do this only with people you have complete faith in. If you intend to drink, arrange to be picked up from a party by a sober friend or parent.
• Keep the number of a taxi service in your pocket, as well as $20 in case of an emergency.
• Avoid drinking games at all costs. They promote excessive consumption and can quickly spiral out of control.

Drunk driving deaths endanger more than just the driver. When anyone gets behind the wheel after drinking, it puts passengers, pedestrians, and other drivers on the road in danger.

According to the Drunk Driving Prevention website of Blood Alcohol Content.Org, drunk driving is responsible for 20% of fatal incidents.

Getting behind the wheel when inebriated can be a life-changing move. You could be charged with a DUI and lose your licence, or you could face serious criminal charges if you cause an accident that results in someone being injured or killed.

If you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by someone who was drinking and driving, you will sue the driver and their insurance provider for compensation. Drunk driving is irresponsible and dangerous. After being hit by a drunk driver, speaking with a car accident attorney will help you understand your rights and options.