Dental Implant Surgery Pain and Problems

The success rate of dental implant surgery is up to 95 percent. The majority of patients who want to have this operation done are pleased with their replacements and new set of teeth. As a result, implants have proven to be the ideal option for missing teeth, outperforming bridges and dentures. Even if dental restorations are the safest, there are times when dental implant procedure discomfort and complications occur.Have a look at Honolulu cosmetic dentist for more info on this.

While dental implant surgery can cause pain, it is extremely uncommon. Fractures in implants, rejected implants, improper implant placement, incorrect positioning, and low-quality implants are all common causes of dental implant surgery pain.

The failure of the implant to fuse with the jawbone is one of the most common causes of tooth implant failure. This is referred to as osseointegration failure. Failure to fuse with the implant will occur if there isn’t enough jawbone to fuse with or if the bone is contaminated.

Implant fracture can be caused by too much stress or overloading. Implant fracture can also be caused by incorrect positioning.

The effectiveness of the operation may be jeopardised if the patient smokes or drinks heavily. Furthermore, other issues such as implant fracture or gum disease can arise as a result of this.

What Causes Rejection of Dental Implants?

Dental implant rejection can be caused by a variety of factors. Insufficient bone to fuse, inflammation, tension, and bruxism (the grinding of teeth while sleeping) are among them. Dental implant surgery discomfort and implant rejection can also be caused by poor oral hygiene.

When there isn’t enough bone to fuse, the patient is normally given bone grafting to maximise the amount of usable jawbone. Some patients, however, are reluctant to undergo this treatment, so they look for other options to get the implant without grafting. If your dentist suggests bone grafting, make sure you follow his or her advice.


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