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Self-storage companies may take advantage of Wells Fargo’s programmes. The mini-perm programme, for example, provides two years of interest-only payments as you get started on the project, followed by three years of amortisation that progresses as you reach those debt coverage targets. This is, without a doubt, one of the best loans available. Since it can take less than a year to complete construction on your project, but it may take several years to fill the units, finding a loan after the construction phase becomes extremely difficult. Once the storage facility has been planned, funded, and units have been filled, consider having a complementary business to further boost traffic and revenue. Car washes are excellent businesses to share space with because they pull in a constant stream of customers. A pack and ship service is another complementary industry. Some people use storage units to store things they want to sell, and it’s even easier if there’s a business nearby that can pack and ship their items for them. Taking that concept, a step further, you might consider working with an auction house or an E-bay expert who can assist your clients in selling their products or items that have been abandoned at your facility. The possibilities are almost limitless. If you use your imagination, you’ll come up with something. Most people in the United States have more belongings than they know what to do with. As a consequence, they need additional storage space. The self-storage industry is built on this essential need. However, just because there is a demand does not mean the filling that void would be easy or guaranteed. The self-storage industry is more complex than it seems, and there are many critical issues to comprehend and solve. Climate-controlled units, including multi-story facilities, have proved to be a flop. If you wish to learn more about this, visit easyStorage Self Storage Wandsworth