Buddha Bracelet  -An Overview

What exactly is a Buddha Bracelet? It’s a piece of jewelry that’s worn in meditation. It has an ornate pendant with a Buddha image on it and an additional strap that wraps around the wrist. The name “Buddha bracelet” comes from the Sanskrit term, Bhaj, which means “blessed.” It is believed that these bracelets were first worn by the Buddha himself as he meditated. Now, many people have them, not only to wear while praying, but because they like the way they look.

A bracelet like this one can be seen all over the world. They are a popular symbol in the eastern culture. There are some who believe that wearing one symbolizes one’s inner peace and inner power. For others, it represents one’s spiritual beliefs and devotion to a particular cause or belief. Some will even say that it symbolizes one’s personal relationship with the symbol, the Buddha.Visit buddha bracelet for more details.

Just what does a bracelet have to do with the mind and how does it help you gain harmony in your life? These are simple questions, which goes deeper than most people think when they first start studying about these ancient symbols. Many people believe that a bracelet helps their minds focus better and get in better shape.