All about Glass dry erase board

Fundamentally, dry erase boards are created with a glossy surface that allows it to be used over and over again. Its materials vary from melamine, porcelain, glass, or even aluminum, all of which can be scribbled on with markers and can be cleaned easily with an eraser. These boards are used in several areas nowadays because it is convenient to use and very simple to clean. Have a look at Glass dry erase board for more info on this. A white board usually has its appropriate cleaning materials, like white board erasers and cleaning solutions. However, buying such cleaning supplies can be costly for some people. Nevertheless, there are items in your home that would be effective in cleaning and maintaining your dry erase board.

There are a few items available in your home that can be used as cleaning solutions. These items are easy to find and less expensive than whiteboard cleaners. One familiar solution that is common in every household is vinegar and it sure to remove dry erase marker stains on your dry erase board. Simply mix vinegar with water and place it on a spray bottle. Then, you can spray the mixture on your board and wipe it with a clean cloth. Although, this mixture is effective to remove marker stains, it has only minimal effects on other marks. The vinegar can also produce an odor on your board if it is not wiped thoroughly.

Hair sprays are sometimes used as marker stain remover. It is not entirely effective on other marks, but it can remove stains from permanent markers well. All you have to do is spray it over the markings and leave it for a few seconds before wiping the solutions. Most people wouldn’t want to use it though because it can leave a sticky residue on the dry erase board. Consequently, markers are not able to write on the sticky surface. So, if you do use any hair spray as a cleaner, make sure to wipe it off with moist cloth repeatedly before you use the board again.

Regular kitchen cleaner and glass cleaner are known to be stain removers; and it can also be effective on removing stains on your dry erase board. These stain removers can smoothly erase stains from dry erase markers and even permanent markers. You can pour a minimal amount on a piece of cloth and wipe it directly on the board. The stains wouldn’t instantly disappear, but at least you wouldn’t have to exert too much to remove them. It is also necessary to wipe off the board with a damp cloth afterward to remove excess solution. Then, you can clean it with wet cloth before writing on it again.

These household items are sure helpful solutions to remove stains. But keep in mind that those items were not intended for the purpose of cleaning solutions. If those are frequently used, it may have certain effects on your dry erase board later on. This will eventually alter the surface of the board, making it less functional in time. It’s only simply to keep your dry erase board in good condition that is by cleaning it on a regular basis. In this way, the markers won’t leave any stains on the board. So make it a habit to keep your board clean every after use.