5 Reason To Hire Lumos Yoga And Barre, Philadelphia

What happens if you’re a capable, skilled, and caring Yoga instructor who doesn’t have enough committed students? Here’s a quick answer: Don’t give up your “day job” and open your own Yoga studio. Sorry for being so honest, but you’ll need some time to build up your fan base. Consider opening a Yoga centre only after you have developed a following as an independent contractor. This isn’t supposed to be cruel, but there are plenty of Yoga centres with weak business skills, and you don’t have to risk every penny you saved by failing to create solid business plans. Visit Lumos Yoga & Barre, Philadelphia.

As a result, please devote some time to creating a Yoga business plan that includes objectives and timelines. Sadly, I’ve seen far too many Yoga studios open with a “one-month schedule.” Can you imagine starting an ashram without a computer, dealing with zoning board issues, or simply hoping for the best? One badly organised Yoga studio casts a negative light on all Yoga instructors and leads the public to believe that every Yoga studio is the same. When you go to a deli for the 20th time and the counter aid wants to stop you, how do you feel? Do you want to return when they get your order wrong half of the time? I’m not sure where I’m going with this.

Every Yoga studio should have a designated customer service and public relations representative. Yoga instructors should know all of their students’ names “from the top of their heads.” There is no need for your Yoga students to stay if you forget them. They would feel unwelcome and incapable of their presence. Ignoring a Yoga student is one of the toughest ways to treat a student/teacher relationship.

Be wary of self-perceptions that make you feel superior to your Yoga students. Keep in mind that you are paid to teach Yoga to your students. You must treat them as if they were your best friends. How many of your friends contribute to the cost of your meals, vehicle, mortgage, or vacations? “Number one” refers to your Yoga students.

Yoga students are more likely to stick around if they do the “little extras.” It is your responsibility to have an educated response to a student’s question; if you do not have one, seek advice from a senior or master Yoga instructor. Do not become a Yoga instructor if you are not a “people guy.”

Make sure the person who answers your phone enjoys talking to people. With a grumpy receptionist, it’s impossible to keep a Yoga studio open. The receptionist is the first “gatekeeper” of a Yoga studio, and the gate should be kept open with a big smile for Yoga students.

Each Yoga studio should be a safe haven where students can find what they’re looking for without having to put up with subpar service. Outside of Yoga practise, they are subjected to just too much of it. You should be aware of your students’ needs and just make promises that you will keep.

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