Why Dental Implants Are So Effective?

Dental Implants are lightweight metal pieces that are placed into the jawbone for root retention and stability. When inserted into the jawbone, they form a metallic bridge that holds the dentures in place and enhances the tooth’s appearance. Dental Implants are used to replace teeth lost due to: cracked or broken teeth, dentures that have broken or become loose, infection or a loss of complete teeth. Implants are typically used to improve the appearance of the face, jaw, or neck by correcting deformities or shortening the teeth. Have a look at Rancho Bernardo Dental Implants for more info on this. They can be used for cosmetic and practical reasons and are considered to be among the most common forms of oral prosthetics.


While a tooth has the highest success rate when it is replaced with a Dental Implant, there are many reasons why a tooth could be lost. Implants offer a tooth-like solution to problems with missing teeth that can occur due to decay, gum disease, trauma or a natural tooth’s decay or break down. The success rate for an implant-based tooth replacement is approximately eighty percent.

While Dental Implants are extremely useful and effective procedures, they do require that a patient follow a series of dental care steps to ensure their success. This includes dental visits for a professional cleaning, preparation of the patient’s jaw bone and gum area, and placement of dental implants. Each implant requires its own pre-and post-operation care regimen, including dental x-rays, tooth assessments and fluoride treatments. To reduce the risk of infection and to improve the patient’s satisfaction with the procedure, a patient is encouraged to follow good oral hygiene practices and to refrain from smoking. While a patient may need to make some minor adjustments to his or her current dental implants and bridges, the overall success rate for dental implants is approximately ninety percent.

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