The Many Benefits of Exterior Painting

An exterior painter is a person who is employed by a contractor to paint or refurbish the exterior of a building. They may be commissioned by a homeowner, or they may be a commercial enterprise contracted by a property owner or a developer. The role of the exterior painter is often associated with beautification or landscaping. A home painter is a tradesperson employed by a builder to paint and refurbish homes and is sometimes referred to as a home painter or exterior painter. The primary function of exterior painting is merely to enhance the look of a building by waterproofing it against water, corrosion and insects, and to prevent further damage by water. If you wish to learn more about this, visit Cincinnati exterior painting

The purpose of the siding and roof is to provide protection from weather, but the final coats of paint on the exterior of the home provide a different function. Paint provides protection from wind, snow, ice and rain, and if maintained properly, keeps the elements out. It can also block sunlight at night, so siding and roofs need to be durable enough to withstand the wear and tear of any given season. It is common for home-owners to prefer a more elaborate, expensive style of siding and roof over an economical, basic version that is easily repairable and that does not require a large amount of maintenance. In this scenario, a paint job can extend the lifespan of the roof and the siding, thus extending the life of the home.

Exterior painting does not only have to be a matter of protection, however. It can also convey an aesthetic look that is appealing and improves the curb appeal of a property. When painted properly, the painted surfaces will stand the test of time. The excess paint left on the surfaces of a house will usually flake and peel off, revealing the underlying, untreated concrete or soil beneath. This will result in an unsightly appearance, but when done right, it makes the house look beautiful, while still protecting the home.