The Importance of Real Estate Photography – From Clicking to Closing

During their home-buying quest, at least 88 percent of prospective buyers use the internet as a source of information ( Consumers can locate properties on their own using common syndication sites such as,, and, as well as social media networks. It does not end with the screen. A property walk-through is the product of 63% of online searches.
What are the implications of these trends for real estate photography? The stakes are high. Agents want photography that is eye-catching and appealing to the ultimate decision makers, home buyers. more info here
The home-buying process begins with a mouse click and can result in the largest purchase of a lifetime. The first and most important exterior photo is crucial to the selling of a house. When using property search engine websites, the buyer typically narrows the search criteria with elements like price, place, number of rooms, and lot size, so their next click action is focused on photography. Following the initial click through decision and motivating the viewer to schedule a visit, the following interior and exterior photos would confirm the initial click through decision and encourage the viewer to schedule a visit.
Real estate photographers specialise in taking and editing images with warm lighting and aesthetically appealing angles, resulting in higher click through rates and home interest. According to Redfin, houses photographed by a property photographer with a DSLR camera receive 61 percent more clicks than those photographed with a point-and-shoot camera.
The industry’s engagement with social media is rising, and so is the popularity of real estate photography. reports that 90.5 percent of Realtors use social media to some degree. According to, images create the most “likes” and by far the most “shares” in any sharing format (photos, text, videos, links) on Facebook. Not only can high-quality home images improve click-through rates on conventional MLS and syndication websites, but photographs with share-worthy appeal shared on social media networks will spread virally. For photograph sharing, social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest exist. Agents and sellers should take advantage of these growing social networks and leverage their photography investment by sharing stunning, one-of-a-kind, and high-quality home images that will broaden their audience scope.