Need For Dental Implants

Dental implants are a form of artificial tooth replacement that is used to replace one or more lost teeth in dentistry. A dental implant is a metal device that connects to a patient’s natural tooth or bone to function as a replacement tooth, denture, bridge, crown, or orthodontic brace. Patients who have lost one or more teeth due to decay, accidents, or illness are the greatest candidates for dental implants. Bridges and other removable dentures give a solution to oral hygiene as well as a continuous and effective means to feed the mouth with natural teeth for patients who are unable to replace their teeth with implants, bridges, or crowns. The procedure for replacing lost teeth with a dental implant requires many visits to the dentist before the prosthesis may be correctly implanted.Learn more about us at  Pacific Dental & Implant Solutions

After the dentist has analysed the location of the patient’s teeth, the initial part of the operation entails inserting the prosthesis in the mouth. After that, the dentist attaches one or more prosthetic teeth to the bridge and crown on both sides. Surgical screws are then used to hold the teeth in place. The implants are then covered with a temporary restoration comprised of dental implants. Finally, the mouth is fitted with a long-lasting prosthetic tooth or denture.

The second surgery involves inserting a tiny titanium post, called as the root post, into the jaw bone after the prosthetic teeth have been placed. This titanium post links the periodontist’s pocket to the titanium screw inserted in the bone. The periodontist guides the screw through the gum tissues. During the periodontal surgical treatment, the root post is held in the periodontist’s pocket, which is then removed after the surgery is completed. The operation takes roughly 2 hours to complete, and there is no pain or discomfort for the patient.