Know What to wear for Dress In Blue Day

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month, and many people will wear a ribbon pin to show their support for this life-threatening disease. When buying a cause ribbon, there are many factors to consider. this link

There are two colours connected with the Colon Cancer Awareness Ribbon. Topaz brown is the dominant colour, but an alternative colour of cobalt blue has evolved over time. While the colour choice is entirely subjective, it should be remembered that cobalt blue is the known colour for Child Abuse Awareness.

The ribbon style is also a matter of personal preference. Many people simply use a piece of fabric ribbon cut from a spool and secure it with a straight or safety pin. If you want to express yourself in a more lasting way, a jewellery ribbon with enamelled paint is the way to go.

Although a simple ribbon is perfect, adding a second element will give the ribbon a whole new level of significance. When an angel is attached to the ribbon, for example, it sends a message of hope, devotion, and security. Angels are particularly appropriate for cancer patients who need a positive reinforcement of comfort and strength.

While an angel cause ribbon is ideal for women, men might prefer a symbol that is less feminine. The star is ideal for the gentlemen who needs to stand out from the crowd while wearing an awareness ribbon. A star, like an angel, sends a message of hope.

Awareness ribbon enamelled pins are a perfect way to draw attention to the fight against cancer. The message becomes even more remarkable when the ribbon is embellished with an angel or star!