Hottest Christmas Toy – Lego Mobile Command Center

LEGO toys have made it onto the Christmas wish lists of countless little boys and girls year after year. This year is no exception. The Mobile Command Center, an all-in-one adventure with 1,154 parts and a mission, is LEGO’s best-selling Christmas toy this year.

There is a backstory to the set that illustrates why the project is what it is and how it must be completed. And what exactly is that mission, and how is it to be carried out? The proud owner of the LEGO Mobile Command Center must notify the four LEGO Agents that the wicked Dr. Inferno (currently trapped in the Command Center) is attempting to flee, and the Agents must stop him! But it’s not just a four-on-one situation; Dr. Inferno has henchmen crawling around the Middle, ready to assist him in his escape! The collection includes all four agents (Chase, Fuse, Charge, and Trace), as well as henchmen (Gold Tooth and Spy Clops) and Dr. Inferno, as well as a jet boat, plane, and two vehicles.For further information regarding this,more info here.

Since it is housed in a truck that is over 20 inches long and six inches wide, the entire Mobile Command Center will go undercover. The Command Center is exposed and ready for action once the truck is opened. This keeps the many, many bits from being lost, eaten by a pet, or vacuumed up, as well as the plastic blocks from being stuck between your feet.

It’s incredible how long LEGO has lasted in a world of mechanical and digital (read: expensive) toys and games. We always underestimate the appeal and influence of good old-fashioned building blocks and spy games, but LEGO reminds us of their success with the Mobile Command Center, which Toy Wishes Magazine recognises as one of the season’s “Hot Dozen” toys.