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Let’s take a look at an example. You’re sitting in your living room, watching your five-year-old ride his bike down the driveway. You take out your iPhone and start snapping away. You quickly transfer the images to your computer and either upload them to an online service or start emailing them to friends.Learn more by visiting¬† Little Rock Auto Insurance

So, what’s the harm in that? Consider what would happen if anyone downloaded a picture of your kid. The data embedded in the file, such as longitude and latitude, can now be plugged into a simple programme like Google Maps to see the exact location of where the picture was taken, your house, thanks to geotagging. After a few seconds on Google Maps, they have not only a map of your neighbourhood, but also a satellite photograph of your house. To make matters worse, a user’s email address may be found in a picture when it is emailed. Since too many people use their real names for email addresses, such as john.doe@google.com, someone now has a photo of your child, as well as information about where you live and your name.

Through reading through numerous posts, attendee lists, town websites, tax reports, donation lists, or old school or reunion news, anyone will most likely find the names of your children by doing a slightly more thorough Internet search of your name. With that knowledge, they will be able to determine the name of the elementary school where your five-year-old attends. Furthermore, the suspect will possibly get a bus schedule with specific details on the exact bus your child takes each morning and afternoon by searching for a school website as well as PTO websites. Take it a step further, and this individual will possibly figure out what after-school activities they participate in, as well as where and when they participate. Remember, if someone has all of this information, it’s simple for a persuasive person to call and pretend to be a relative in order to obtain even more information.