Dry Foam Carpet cleaning

Carpet cleaning using dry foam has many benefits. Not only does it promote a healthier environment, it does a great job, has a shorter drying time and is cost efficient. Either hire a professional or rent a machine and do it yourself. Running a special cleaner with bristles across the surface loosens the dirt. Shampoo foam is injected into the rug and traps the dirt. It is then sucked up and removed. more info here

– It works

Dry foam gets your carpet really clean, taking the accent off your soiled floor and putting it on you and your stylish décor. Often seen as an alternative to steam cleaning, rugs that are routinely vacuumed and maintained will look nearly new when shampooed with this method. Dry foam carpet cleaning areas with heavy foot traffic will spruce them up, making this method ideal for businesses such as restaurants and retail stores, but also for homeowners expecting company.

– Time

It takes less time for the carpet to dry than other methods, and can often be ready within an hour of using the machine. Less time out of your home with less disruption of your daily routine is a great side effect. For those with children, several hours of being forbidden to use any room seems like an eternity when other, longer-drying methods are used. A couple of hours from start to finish is manageable.

For businesses that are closed for short periods of time or not at all, down-time can be a profit issue. Inconveniencing customers by blocking off areas they wish to use may prevent them from coming back. Dry foam cleaning can be done quickly during off-peak hours, getting business back to usual with minimal fuss.

– Healthy

For people with mold and dust mite sensitivity, carpeting used to be a luxury. While certain types of rugs will hold dust mites and mold-causing bacteria, there are now alternatives on the market, such as Berber and short-piled products that make having rugs healthier than hardwood floors. Cleaning them regularly with a vacuum cleaner is not enough, however. At some point, every carpet needs to be shampooed to reduce ground-in dirt and eliminate insect and mold problems. Carpet cleaning using dry foam gets rid of allergens, which keeps people from getting sick.

Back in the day, getting carpets wet was dangerous for those allergic to molds because the lining was not water resistant. For that reason, carpeting was often avoided. Modern carpets will get damp and then dry without being saturated. The material the carpet pile is attached to does not soak up the foam cleaning solution. It dries faster and eliminates the potential for bacteria and mold growth. Wetness is no longer trapped below the surface, which would eventually dry and drift upwards, creating black spots or mildew on the “clean” carpet.

Carpet cleaning using dry foam prevents mold, mildew and dampness. After the foaming shampoo is applied, most of the foam is eliminated with an extraction process. Once the carpet surface dries, the residual foam turns into a fine crystal that can be easily eliminated with a regular vacuum cleaner.

– Money

Rather than letting rugs go without ever cleaning them or replacing them frequently to keep up appearances, dry foam carpet cleaning is an economical alternative. Hiring a professional to do it may cost a little bit more, but because they know the ins and outs of the machine, they will probably do a better job than the average homeowner. This will prolong the carpet’s cleanliness. Also, a special solution protecting the rug from stains and heavy soiling can be added to extend the time between cleanings as well.