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A chiropractor is a holistic health care provider that specialises in the diagnosis and management of musculoskeletal conditions such as back pain, neck pain, knee pain, and whiplash. Chiropractic treatment is not a legally recognised treatment and can not be treated as such. The State Boards of Chiropractic Medicine and Oriental Medicine in most states authorise certain chiropractic offices to operate legally. Most chiropractors earn continued education credentials in order to stay up to date with new methods and therapies that become available over time.visit this page


Through treating the body’s interconnectedness, a chiropractor operates closely and is dedicated to communicating for the whole individual to ensure optimal wellbeing. This is why many chiropractic clinics provide their patients with physical therapy, behavioural medicine, exercise science, and neurological skills. A chiropractor will do a thorough examination to determine the patient’s medical condition to rule out any diagnostic imaging testing that might jeopardise their job. A chiropractor’s main emphasis will be on pain relief and education in therapeutic strategies for promoting recovery and restoring function when alleviating symptoms. To diagnose symptoms and devise recovery options, most chiropractors will use simple medical testing instruments such as x-rays and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

The chiropractor will refer you to a podiatrist, an orthopaedic or sports medicine doctor, or a general physician for further diagnosis and care after the initial evaluation. A chiropractor can provide first aid in the event of an emergency before medical help arrives. A chiropractor will also begin a rehabilitation regimen focused on the needs of each patient after learning about physiology, anatomy, medical imaging, and care. The recovery plan will be tailored to the patient’s specific needs as well as the chiropractor’s and patient’s success. There are certain problems that this form of health care team cannot handle, and a referral to another doctor may be necessary.

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