All About Fair Oaks Oriental Rug Cleaning 

Oriental rugs are made of wool and handcrafted using a time-consuming method of hand weaving to create vibrant, intricate, and highly stylized designs. For usefulness and/or decoration, these can be hanging or strewn on the board.Learn more by visiting Fair Oaks Oriental Rug Cleaning

When people think of oriental rugs, they think of carpet-like fabrics with a thicker weave and designs reminiscent of Asia and the Middle East. Owners of Oriental rugs, on the other hand, imagine high-priced ornaments that are costly to clean but much more costly to preserve. Since the fabrics used are typically dense, natural, and soft, too little maintenance will not suffice, while too much will ruin the weave and completely kill the rug.

As the old adage goes, “prevention is better than cure,” and keeping an Oriental rug clean begins by avoiding dirt from coming into contact with it. Shoes and slippers should be left outside if an oriental rug is strewn around the room. To avoid wear and tear, it’s a good idea to keep Oriental rugs in a high-visibility position that isn’t too busy.

Oriental rug cleaning should be performed only when absolutely necessary; for very valuable oriental rugs, skilled cleaning is also recommended. The trick is recognising when an OR needs to be cleaned. A good tip to note is that oriental rugs usually have some dust and loose fibres on them; however, if the rug is lifted and a gentle nudge on the backside creates a dust cloud, or if the bottom portion is already dusty, cleaning is needed.

Professional cleaning and maintenance, as with all costly products, is preferred, but personal care should also be performed on a regular basis. Here are some pointers on how to clean oriental rugs on your own:

Vacuuming should be performed on both sides of the rug on a regular basis, as dust buildup usually subsides and settles to the surface. When agitating the rug with a vacuum and brush attachment, use caution, care, and frequent strokes per quadrant. If an OR is hung on the wall, regular vacuuming is the best cleaning option.