A Note on Sterling Law Offices

One thing you don’t want to do when you are looking for a low cost divorce lawyer is to make a decision based solely on the fee structure of any individual lawyer. While saving money is definitely necessary , particularly if you have a tight budget, you don’t want to take a gamble by selecting a lawyer who may not have enough family law experience to provide good representation. Have a look at Sterling Law Offices, S.C. – divorce attorney for more info on this. The best way to ensure that you pick an experienced divorce lawyer with the lowest fee rate is to do some homework before you make a decision.

Although you can definitely first check for a low cost lawyer, you will want to pick one who has the expertise to represent you. To find those lawyers who are most likely to have a lower fee structure, you would like to consider the following:

• Office location

If the office is situated in a high-rent district, any lawyers in that area would have a higher fee rate than those in lower rent districts can be assured.

• Look at the people in the workplace.

The higher the cost will be the more staff members a lawyer has. A lawyer with a receptionist, secretary, and paralegal, for example, would have a higher fee rate than one who only has a receptionist / secretary and paralegal.

• Look at the number and manner in which lawyers work.

Many of the high-end law firms, such as Associate, Junior Partner and Senior Partner, offer several opportunities for the lawyers who work there. Law firms that give their lawyers these types of titles typically have a higher fee structure than small offices that have just one or two lawyers on staff.

After having a list of low-cost divorce attorneys you can start researching their credentials and experience. You don’t want to pick any divorce lawyer based solely on how much they charge, or even how fast they can get your divorce petition ready for the court. It is important to take the time to select a divorce lawyer carefully, so you can be secure that your case can progress smoothly. And if you and your partner have a nice parting of ways, he or she will possibly start singing a different song entirely until it goes to court and there are arguments about splitting the property you own. The divorce will go very well when it comes time to reach an agreement on the ancillaries, and this is when the divorce really starts to cost money because if the partner is nasty it will take hours.